Patent- Cambodia


There are patent, utility model and design applications in Cambodia, and all of three kinds of patent adopts substantive examination. The examination report or search report in foreign corresponding application shall be provided to Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts in Cambodia. Except the standard route, China and Cambodia has signed MOU to validate patent protection in Cambodia from valid granted China Invention Patents filed after January 22, 2003. The MOU between China and Cambodia became effective from March 28, 2018. It is the most efficient and convenient way to obtain patent protection in Cambodia directly.


The examination for patent applications in Cambodia is quite slow and usually takes above 5-7 years. As long as parties owns valid China Invention Patent granted by SIPO with filing date after January 22, 2003, he can request validation of patent in Cambodia. After validation is granted, the patent protection in Cambodia will be 20 years calculated from filing date of China Invention Patent. For example, if the China patent has a 10-year protection term remaining after validation, the term of protection in Cambodia is also the remaining 10 years.

Application Procedure

  1. Translating specification and drawings: The patent document of China Invention Patent shall be translated into English and Khmer.
  2. Filing validation application with MIH: The MIH only conducts the formality examination and it takes about 6 months for MIH to grant validation.
  3. Granting and publication fee: the annuity shall be paid annually after the validation is granted in Cambodia as the remaining term of China Invention Patent.

Required Documents

  1. Information of applicant: Applicant’s name and address in Chinese and English
  2. Information of inventor: Inventor’s name in Chinese and English
  3. Patent specification in English and Khmer
  4. Notarized Assignment Deed(if the applicant is not inventor)
  5. Certified patent document and certificate of patent register issued by SIPO
  6. Notarized Power of Attorney