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Online Certificates for Patents and Trademarks Available from 2023

To ensure TIPO offers more comprehensive digital services that better align with global trends, TIPO plans to offer online certificates for patents and trademarks from January 2023. The paperless process will make it more convenient for right holders to obtain and save their certificates, as well as reduce the cost of printing and mailing paper copies – a beneficial step towards achieving sustainable development goals of conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions.

TIPO Introduces Green Patent Revisions

TIPO’s revisions for green patents to the Accelerate Examination Program (AEP) took effect on January 1, 2022. These revisions were made in an effort to promote research, development and commercialization of green patents in Taiwan. On January 1, 2014, TIPO added Inventions Related to Green Energy Technologies (Condition 4) to the AEP. As of July of 2021, 255 AEP requests have been filed for green technology patents, accounting for 2.74% of all AEP requests. Taiwan applicants filed a majority-up to 88%-of all green patent AEP requests, and the top three fields of technology are solar energy, LED lighting and lithium-ion battery technologies.

Remote Patent Application Interviews Available March 1, 2022

An effective interview can expedite the patent examination process. However, applicants may not always be available to be interviewed at TIPO in person or join video interviews at TIPO service centers. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has thus amended the sixth point of the "Operation Directions of TIPO, MOEA for Patent Interviews" and implemented the new measure of Remote Video Interviews for Patent Applications on March 1, 2022. Applicants and patent agents are able to select a remote location to conduct trilateral video interviews at their convenience. For example, a video interview can still be held when the patent applicant is in Japan, the agent at their own office in Taiwan, and the examiner at TIPO. This measure applies to patent application and reexamination cases but does not apply to invalidation cases.

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